Can I make my BPPV worse with failed treatment?

I was recently asked: “Has any BPPV patient managed to make their condition worse with a bungled treatment?” The answer is not particularly straight forward.  Any treatment of BPPV has the potential to convert to something called Horizontal canal BPPV. The most common type of BPPV is Posterior canal BPPV.  The estimated rate of this complication of treatment of BPPV is about 5%. You run this risk every time you roll over in bed but in particular during a repositioning maneuver. The … Read More

Post maneuver precautions – worth it?

Following a treatment maneuver for BPPV many practitioners recommend staying upright for 48 hours.  This recommendation makes some empiric sense.  The idea behind it is to allow the particles, disturbed like snow in a snow globe, to settle before exposing the opening of the posterior canal by lying down. In the attached image you can see the particles and the opening to the canal, at the top.  However, these precautions were never proven.  In fact, a number of researchers have demonstrated that restrictions … Read More

Vertigo has me at my wits’ end,..I need more help

Vertigo and dizziness are very distressing problems.  Some say that nausea is worse than pain.  At least pain makes some physiologic sense. Vestibular diseases are problematic in that they are so poorly understood. Many patients  end up vague diagnosis such as recurrent vestibulopathy.  Medical science has just not reached a point where we can diagnose every kind of problem.  Further, even those conditions which we can diagnose may not have effective treatments.  Tinnitus is a good example of a difficult … Read More

Why did I get BPPV?

People often ask what it was that made them get BPPV.  For many there is never really a satisfactory answer.  However we do know some factors which may pre-dispose a person to getting vertigo due to BPPV.  Any condition which damages the inner ear seems to be associated with BPPV.  This ranges from trauma, to infections to the ever present condition – old age. To put some specifics on what the etiology or causes of BPPV are: About 70% of people … Read More

Curing dizziness for thousands of people.

Back when I was training as an ENT surgeon in London Ontario, I learned about a condition called BPPV, the most common cause of “Vertigo“.   If you have BPPV, it can have a very profound impact on your life.   What I learned, however, was that most often it is incredibly easy to treat BPPV quickly without any drugs. I partnered with a few other doctors and some other business people to bring this treatment to the public.  Since then our … Read More

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