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Doctors agree that the Epley Maneuver is the best way to treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – But only if it is done correctly. With DizzyFIX, you do it the right way, the first time.Whether at home, or the hospital, doctor’s office or physiotherapist’s, using DizzyFIX can immediately alleviate dizziness due to BPPV by helping patients to successfully perform the Epley maneuver on their own.


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DizzyFIX is for patients suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) – the most common cause of dizziness. In BPPV, the organ of balance in the inner ear malfunctions. The ear normally uses small crystals called “otoconia” to determine the direction of gravity. In a disease state these crystals come loose and float around inside the inner ear. These crystal particles cause the sensation of vertigo (spinning) every time they are disturbed by head motion.

Medications only mask the symptoms of BPPV, and no one wants unnecessary surgery. DizzyFIX enables the patient – with their doctor or on their own – to successfully move the otoconia back where they belong.


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Thousands Have Been Helped 

Rave User Reviews. Solid Medical Research 


  • "Good news for thousands of [BPPV] sufferers." - Reader's Digest
  • "Clinical trials have shown that the device is as effective as treatment in a doctor’s office: in nearly 90% of patients, symptoms simply go away." - Alberta Medical Research News

  • "The use of this new device enables volunteers to conduct a correct Particle Repositioning Maneuver on their own. This is a significant improvement from written instructions or in-office training." Journal of Otolaryngology
  • “My head feels clear and steady, and I’m thrilled” – Linda
  • “Your product has saved me over and over again” – Leslie
  • “DizzyFIX will go with me everywhere” – Maggie
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  • Scientific & Medical Awards
  • Peer Review Publications
  • Physician Recommendations
  • FDA, EU, Health Canada certification

Clearwater also provides a free DizzyFIX iPhone application that physically assists physicians in correctly treating Vertigo due to BPPV. This application is the first of its kind.


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