I have BPPV. Which side do I treat first? Can I treat both sides?

We are often asked which side to treat with BPPV. This answer is relatively simple. The Dix-Hallpike maneuver is the standard test for BPPV. Basically what happens is that you lie down fast on your back and turn your head to one side (ideally looking up a bit too). After about 30 seconds have passed you will either be dizzy or have no reaction. In this example if you are on your left and you get dizzy on that side then you have … Read More

I’m only a child – can I have BPPV?

BPPV can affect people of any age as everyone has the otoconia (ear crystals) which causes BPPV.  These otoconia are a normal part of the balance system.  Most children with BPPV have recently been in some kind of accident where there is a degree of head injury. It is not clear if the injury shakes these crystals loose or if blood gets into the canals and causes the crystals to come loose, or if the blood itself causes the symptoms.  Most … Read More

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