I have BPPV. Which side do I treat first? Can I treat both sides?

We are often asked which side to treat with BPPV. This answer is relatively simple. The Dix-Hallpike maneuver is the standard test for BPPV. Basically what happens is that you lie down fast on your back and turn your head to one side (ideally looking up a bit too). After about 30 seconds have passed you will either be dizzy or have no reaction. In this example if you are on your left and you get dizzy on that side … Read More

Epley, Semont or Brandt-Daroff Exercises? Which should I choose?

Recently we were asked, “Which is best, the Epley, Semont or Brandt-Daroff for the treatment of BPPV?”. Like many things the answer isn’t perfectly clear. However, many studies have been done on each one and results have been reported with each maneuver. I’ll address each one below. 1) Brandt-Daroff maneuver (this example is for the Right side): This maneuver consists of sitting upright with your feet over the side of your bed, lying on your right side with your right … Read More

So what does it feel like to have BPPV?

If you have had BPPV you will never forget what it feels like. But it is hard to explain to someone else. Many people report spinning: “Like falling off a building”, like “a roller coaster ride but worse”, like “my head was spinning”. To be honest, as someone who has had BPPV myself, it was really scary for the first few minutes. The irony that I had BPPV was not lost on me. However, until I confirmed for myself that … Read More

Can medications actually cause vertigo?

Someone recently asked, “Do any medications cause vertigo?” The answer depends on what you mean exactly. Many medications can cause dizziness. This can be the light headedness associated with blood pressure medications to the woozy feeling from narcotics to the sleepy feeling of sedatives. However, vertigo (spinning dizziness) is not often caused by medication unless damage is being done to the organ of balance in the inner ear. In some cases damage can be temporary or it can be permanent. … Read More

Can I do the maneuver more than once a day?

Can I do the maneuver more than once a day? The short answer is “Yes” you can. However, usually in active BPPV you get dizzy during the maneuver. Many people find this repeated vertigo too much to do again and again. Usually BPPV causes nausea but not vomiting, unless of course you induce the vertigo over and over by repeating the maneuver. This is the reason I suggest you only do it once or twice a day. Further, it is … Read More