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This changed my practice: DizzyFix

Monday, September 24

This changed my practice: DizzyFix

DizzyFix’s diagrams walk you through the steps needed for the Dix-Hallpike and Epley’s maneuvers, including a real-time display of exactly what path and angle to move the patient’s head through, and a timer to introduce appropriate pauses.


AHFMR Research News – Cool Tools

Monday, May 9

The DizzyFIX was featured in the Alberta Heritage Fund for Medical Research’s magazine “Research News”

Reader’s Digest – Easy Fixes for Vertigo

Monday, May 9

“It’s for people like Roberts that Dr. Matthew Bromwich, who practises pediatric otolaryngology at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, invented the DizzyFix—a curved tube containing a small green ball floating in oil, attached to a baseball cap. Wearing the cap, the BPPV patient goes through a sequence of movements that send the ball along a specific path in the tube—and also guide the crystal debris out of the semicircular canals.”

DizzyFIX featured on “The Doctors” TV show

Tuesday, October 26

The DizzyFIX was featured on “The Doctors” television show seen across North America.


Ottawa radio LIVE 88

Friday, July 23

“Dr. Bromwich discusses the DizzyFIX device and BPPV. Vertigo is a common cause of dizziness which can be treated by a repositioning maneuver. This maneuver must be done correctly to be effective. The DizzyFIX device and Iphone App help users perform the maneuver correctly.”


Wednesday, July 21

“Device combats common cause of vertigo – A new device lets people treat a common cause of dizziness in the comfort of their own home, Canadian researchers say.”


Sunday, July 18

“Vertigo Away – One of the world’s most common diseases is also simultaneously one of the easiest to cure and misdiagnose. According to Ottawa-based MD, Dr. Matthew Bromwich, CEO of Clearwater Clinical Ltd., the stats are dizzying. That’s why he and his team of medical and ICT professionals worked together to create the mobile application, DizzyFix, which can help cure vertigo on the spot.”

Wednesday, May 19

“Find out how DizzyFIX could cure this dizzying condition.”