Vertigo has me at my wits’ end…I need more help!

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Vertigo and dizziness are very distressing problems.  Some say that nausea is worse than pain.  At least pain makes some physiologic sense.

Vestibular diseases are problematic in that they are so poorly understood. Many patients  end up vague diagnosis such as recurrent vestibulopathy.  Medical science has just not reached a point where we can diagnose every kind of problem.  Further, even those conditions which we can diagnose may not have effective treatments.  Tinnitus is a good example of a difficult to treat condition.  Sure we can tell you what it is, but get used to it, because many times we don’t know how to effectively treat it.  Mind you that is not for a lack of trying.  Some conditions like BPPV are quite easy to treat if you get the Epley Maneuver or other particle repositioning.  However, there are many other causes of vertigo which may not be so easy to treat.

Even if doctors can’t give you a good diagnosis for your condition or an effective treatment there is still hope.  The hope that despite your problem you can overcome it by understanding it and developing coping skills.

There are a number of resources on line which you might find useful in understanding the diseases of the vestibular system

Timothy C. Hain has a great website: or


There are also a number of very good “on line” support groups for people with similar problems who may be able to offer advice and support or

Don’t despair – there are new treatments on the horizon every day.