How long will I have BPPV?

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After being diagnosed with BPPV many people report mixed feelings.  First – relief at not having a brain tumor or stroke, second – happiness that there is a treatment and third – discomfort with having a chronic disease.

BPPV is indeed a chronic disease.  The otoconia, (normal balance crystals) which cause the symptoms of BPPV when in the wrong place, do not disappear when treated with the Epley Maneuver or with home BPPV treatment, rather the particles are moved.  More than 50% of people will have BPPV more than once and many will have it on a regular basis and some will even have it daily, even if treated properly.

The key to successful treatment of BPPV is to understand how to identify it and how to properly treat it.  BPPV is characterized by sudden spinning, which is short lived and comes on only in certain positions.

Following treatment most people obtain resolution of symptoms immediately.  Even in the worst of cases some duration of symptom free period can be achieved.  Many people report recurrent symptoms within weeks or months of the original attack.

Patients with BPPV on one side often are at risk of having it on the second side. There is no know family predeliction to BPPV.  Rates of BPPV also increase dramatically with age to more than 1 in 10 over the age of 60.