Curing dizziness for thousands of people.

Back when I was training as an ENT surgeon in London Ontario, I learned about a condition called BPPV, the most common cause of “Vertigo“.   If you have BPPV, it can have a very profound impact on your life.   What I learned, however, was that most often it is incredibly easy to treat BPPV quickly without any drugs.

Inner Ear Vestibular System
Inner Ear Vestibular System

I partnered with a few other doctors and some other business people to bring this treatment to the public.  Since then our device, the DizzyFIX,  has treated thousands of people.

In this blog, I want to talk about my experiences as an ENT doctor and the experiences of  patients as they have gone from discovering the cause of their dizziness to finding the cure and how it has given them their lives back.

I’ll also talk about dizziness in general and discuss some of the conditions other than BPPV that can cause it.

I hope you find the information I present to be valuable to you.

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